[Buildbot-devel] P4poller and p4 trust

Hsieh, Aaron Aaron_Hsieh at playstation.sony.com
Wed Apr 29 22:14:13 UTC 2015

So I figured out a somewhat hacky solution that seems to work for me for now.  I basically added the P4TRUST variable to the env_vars list and set it in my environment to force perforce to refer to my .p4trust file that it wasn't referring to for some reason.  In any case, the one line change is as follows:

--- p4poller.py.old            2015-04-21 19:24:04.151551362 -0700
+++ p4poller.py  2015-04-21 19:24:09.523786218 -0700
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@
                      "p4bin", "pollInterval", "pollAtLaunch"]
     env_vars = ["P4CLIENT", "P4PORT", "P4PASSWD", "P4USER",
-                "P4CHARSET", "PATH"]
+                "P4CHARSET", "PATH", "P4TRUST"]
     changes_line_re = re.compile(
         r"Change (?P<num>\d+) on \S+ by \S+@\S+ '.*'$")

If anybody else can provide a more comprehensive/elegant solution, please do so.

From: Hsieh, Aaron
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 12:36 PM
To: 'buildbot-devel at lists.sourceforge.net'
Subject: P4poller and p4 trust

Hi all,

I've been having some issues with getting the p4poller to work with SSL.  We had just switched over to an SSL perforce server recently, so we all had to do the whole 'p4 trust' thing on all our machines.  I got this going on the VM that's running my build master, and have verified that the trust relationship has already been established on the user that's running the master as well as root, but I still keep getting the following:

Failure: twisted.internet.utils._UnexpectedErrorOutput: got stderr: "The authenticity of 'some-ip:1667' can't be established,\nthis may be your first attempt to connect to this P4PORT.\nThe fingerprint for the key sent to your client is\nblah\nTo allow connection use the 'p4 trust' command.\n"

Any ideas on how I can get past this?  Is there yet another user I need to run p4 trust on that I don't know about?  Or do I have to do some extra setup on my master config now?

Aaron Hsieh

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