[Buildbot-devel] resource locking?

Mellan, Alain amellan at qti.qualcomm.com
Tue Apr 28 19:28:45 UTC 2015

Most of the slaves are still on Windows. I can copy to a filer space, that's not really the issue. How I control the exact location of the copy is what I want to know. 

BTW, from a builder, can I get properties from a Change? I added some properties to my P4Source poller that I'd like to use to generate the destination for the build artifacts copy.

-- alain.

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On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 12:09 PM, Mellan, Alain <amellan at qti.qualcomm.com> wrote:
> Makes sense. How do I transfer the location between build builder and test
> builder?  properties?   Any example in the documentation?

I just use scp...

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