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Vasily vasslitvinov at pisem.net
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I recall they changed the behavior either at 0.8.5 or 0.8.7 - prior to that
change WithProperties call (and call to self.render) was synchronous, and
all worked okay, but in latest code both are asynchronous, so it isn't easy
to get the same result.

I have a piece of code that does synchronous substitution of the
properties, but I'll be able to post it later - right now I'm writing this
from my cell phone, and the piece is on my laptop. I'll try to post it
sometime later if you need it, but it is probably better to embrace new
logic and use "renderables" field (see ShellCommand implementation for the

05 сент. 2014 г. 12:29 пользователь "Jürgen Schulz-Brüssel" <
juergen.schulz-bruessel at thinkproject.com> написал:

sorry of getting back on this so late.

> I'm surprised that you got an error about Interpolate when you were
> using WithProperties.

that was obviously misunderstanding. I used to use WithProperties and
tried Interpolate as well (after upgrading), with the same result.

> I see that you were calling 'self.render', which suggests that this
> 'self.command = ' is not in the step's constructor, but in some method
> that runs later, after the properties have been rendered.

right. My master.cfg looks like this:

someSteps = [
    myStep1(configInfo, someStepConfig),
    myStep2(configInfo, someStepConfig)


self.command is called in myStep1 etc.

>    Most likely what is happening is that  Buildbot is then trying to send
> command, including the Interpolate instance, to the slave, and Twisted
> is complaining that you're not allowed to send such objects over the
> network.

In this cases I would expect an error in twistd.log -- but nothing was
showing up there. The error is just shown in the regarding stdio of the
step in question.

> In order to use renderables like Interpolate, you need to put them in
> place before the step is started, which basically means in the step's
> constructor.
this would mean, that I would pass the information into the call of
'myStep1' for example? Has this behavior changed (actually 0.8.6 seems
quite old by now)?

I helped myself by using

revision = self.getProperty('revision') in the start method of the
subclassed shell command.



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