[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot 0.8.9 - SVN update stopped working

Sergio Borghese s.borghese at netresults.it
Tue Oct 21 07:30:54 UTC 2014

To integrate the info reported, the svn update step that fails shows the following line: 
svn checkout svn:// . --non-interactive --no-auth-cache --username nrbuilder --password '('"'"'obfuscated'"'"', '"'"'<my_svn_pwd>'"'"', '"'"'XXXXXX'"'"')' 
I just replaced the actual password with the tag <my_svn_pwd> 

I understand that the obfuscated stuff now appered in the log is releated to teh bug where password were stored in plain text into the twisted log. 
Might it be that my slaves are not curectly interpreting the new command from the master? 

As an exemple one of my slave (Ubuntu 12.04 64b) has teh following version: 

Buildslave version: 0.8.5 
Twisted version: 11.1.0 

but I have several slave versions installed, as we use slaves on GNU/Linux, MAcOS X and Win7 (that depends on the version available on the OS) 
At the moment the above version is the one available on Ubuntu 12.04 

I found in the ml archive a mail thread of a guy with a similar issue, he solved "re-installing" the slaves. I tried to reinstall the slave on Ubuntu 12.04 but I got no luck. Still getting the svn authentication error. 

Any help or suggestion is welcome :) 

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Hi All, 

- today I upgraded our buildbot buildmaster from 0.8.8 to 0.8.9 
- I updated the database on the master using the command suggest in the startup error 
- Once the master restarted, I begun testing my configured builds, but ALL my builds are failing with an SVN auth error: 

svn: Authentication error from server: SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed 

- This is quite weird as no config has been changed, expecially on the svn side 
- I manually tested the checkout on the slave side (using the same credetials I use for buildbot) and it works fine 
- my configuration is using the master side steps for the svn steps 

Any Idea of what could have gone wrong? 
The logs does not seems to give me any useful hint 

As an exemple, please find below one of my svn steps: 
svn_update_src = SVN ( 
repourl = kphone_repo, 
mode = 'full', 
method = 'clean', 
haltOnFailure = True, 
username = nr.user, 
password = nr.pwd, 
workdir = nr.kphone_build_root, 
name = 'svn update' ) 
nr.user and nr.pwd are variables that are set the svn credentials. 

Best Regards 

Sergio Borghese 
Senior Software Engineer 
NetResults S.r.l. 
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Tel.: +39.050.316.3658 
web: www.netresults.it 

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