[Buildbot-devel] Changing the master config dynamically

Karoly Kamaras karoly.kamaras at prezi.com
Wed Oct 8 17:20:48 UTC 2014


I remember seeing this problem somewhere, but i thought it would worth to
reopen it in a new thread:

I would like to be able to edit the master configuration dynamically
without hurting the currently running builds. I know i can reconfigure the
master without restart, but i also saw that if the configuration is built
up by smaller components, like builders, buildsteps, schedulers, etc. in
different python files, then changing one file might not affect the
reconfig in the expected way.

Here is my example:
I have a few teams, every team has their own 1 master and N slave nodes.
They have their own github projects where they can define the build/test
steps of each project in a custom DSL that we generate into Buildbot's
configuration. In this case if they decide to change one of their projects
configuration - let's say the add an extra step to a builder - they can
commit the changes into the git repo (even to a different branch), than we
regenerate the config, reconfigure the master and Buildbot will run with
the new config.

Is it possible to make this scenario work in a nice way? By nice i mean not
to kill the currently running jobs, let them finish and publish the results
to the same place from the "old" (currently running) and "new" (just
commited and regenerated) configuration.

Our first thought would be running multiple masters on the same server with
the same DB but different configuration, and make the connection forwarded
to the lastly configured master without killing the running "old" one
(until it finishes the currently running jobs). It's just a first thought,
i haven't tried it yet. I am wondering what kind of solutions exist to this

Thank you for your help in advance,


*Karoly Kamaras*
Developer at Prezi <http://prezi.com>
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