[Buildbot-devel] Running buildslaves in chroot

Michael Hansen michael.schacht.hansen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 20:46:04 UTC 2014


I have been using buildbot a while now, it has been a great help to our

I am looking to add some sophistication to our setup and I am considering
running the buildslaves in chroot environment to a) be able to build for
multiple distros/releases on the same host, b) isolate the build slaves
from the main system, and c) run a few build steps as root (we generate
some distribution images and root privileges are needed to run some of the
tools, e.g. debootstrap and others).

In my buildslaves i need access to the /proc (for some GPU unit tests)
filesystem so I mount that in the chroot environment but other than that
the slave does not have access to the main system.

My question is, is this safe? Are there any security issues with running in
a chroot jail or is it inherently safer than running it in the main system?

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