[Buildbot-devel] Build Properties through the DB / data API

Benoît Allard benoit.allard at greenbone.net
Fri Nov 21 22:14:00 UTC 2014

On 20.11.2014 18:54, Pierre Tardy wrote:
>> Another trouble about flushing the value back to the DB from time to
>> time is that you need to keep track of the table the properties are
>> in. I.e. You can't just put them in a 'properties' variable
>> alltogether like it is now.
> I think one of the confusion is that you are trying to avoid copying
> the properties.

Spot on ! I didn't even thought about duplicating them, really, thanks 
for the hint, that + the static property (from the config) of the other 
class of properties makes it indeed a good candidate for duplication ...

> We really should duplicate the buildrequest and change property in
> buildproperties, and do not try to link the tables apart from the
> "source" column.

Could you elaborate on that ? Split the 'source' from the value, but 
don't make it a String, make it a foreign key ? Introduce a 
properties_source table ? Do we query properties based on source that 
often ?

> This is data duplication, but as buildproperties are
> allowed to change where ever they comes, this makes the problem much
> more simple 

Indeed ... It took me some time to accept the idea, but now I think I'm 
convinced that this is the way to go. Much simpler indeed, hence my new 
motto : "In master everything becomes so simple !" ;)

>> Beside, caches are a hell to manage ...
> build_property should be uncacheable until the build has finished,
> and then the updates should be sent via mq.

Now, I believe you're talking about the web part, right ? You want to 
support showing the current (changing) value of the property value in 
real-time on the build page ? I'd leave that part to you I believe. I'll 
be proud at first if I can see my properties at all there !

I believe I can make some progress in this area over the week-end now.

Thanks for the tip !


>  >
>> Well ... as you can see at the amount of questions left in my 
>> answer,
>> I guess we are nearer to a common understanding of the current
>> situation. As to how far we are to a solution, I still have honestly
>> no idea ...
>> Thanks for answering !
>> Best Regards,
>> Ben.
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