[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot packages in Debian

Andrii Senkovych jolly_roger at itblog.org.ua
Sat Nov 1 21:38:00 UTC 2014

Dear Buildbot community,

There is 5 days left before code freeze in Debian, and I'd like to
report on current status of the packages.

First: thank you everyone for this project and moving it forward!

Second: the next Debian stable codenamed jessie will include 0.8.9-2
version of the package, which is actually 0.8.9 with patches for
fixing most bugs in the Debian bugtracker. These changes are already
applied to current master and nine branches with pull requests #1267
and #1273.

Third: I have asked my sponsor to upload backported versions of the
packages to the oldstable (squeeze) and stable(wheezy) branches.
Squeeze users will now have 0.8.6p1 available via backports or 0.8.9
available via baclports-sloppy repositories. Wheezy will get 0.8.9 via
backports as well.

Fourth: Debian now uses at least two continious integration systems.
One of them called autopkgtest is targeted on running tests against
_installed_ package. Buildbot packages support it since 0.8.9-2 that
is currently available in unstable branch only. Once backported for
other releases it will provide a great coverage for live systems. You
can check current status here:


Note: Currently buildslave tests are not run because they require
better isolation level than chroot which is not present on the
production build machine for now.

And the last one: you can send your patches via Debian BTS
(bugs.debian.org) or using Github pull requests against these


I'll try to describe how to work with those somewhere on trac wiki if
there's anyone interested.

Thank you for reading.

Best regards,
Andrii Senkovych

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