[Buildbot-devel] Fwd: Escaping the slave virtualenv

Kay Hayen kay.hayen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 06:11:25 UTC 2014

(sorry for responding only privately. May I suggest to configure the
default for the list to be otherwise, namely to reply to the list)

Hello Vasily,

you wrote:

Did you try manually reproducing what you're seeing (with all the
> environment variables Buildbot so nicely dumps)?
this is on 0.8.9 and indeed, using the PATH is already sufficient to
reproduce. So this boils down to how to remove the PATH.

I wasn't aware that lauching a virtualenv "python" without any other
environment variables, already, catches you in that environment.

I am right now starting it like this:


cd /opt/buildbot
source sandbox/bin/activate
buildslave start slave

I suppose, there may be a better way, to start it without the activate,
that is changing the PATH, maybe sandbox/bin/python

I am going to use this instead:


cd /opt/buildbot
./sandbox/bin/python ./sandbox/bin/buildslave start slave

It apparently works to start the slave. The script was more or less derived
from the tutorial then.

It also means, that the script will be unnecessary with systemd. I only
kept it, because I had no idea how to source "activate" with systemd.


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