[Buildbot-devel] string values from Force Build form

Steve Bachor steve.bachor at netronome.com
Thu May 22 21:39:16 UTC 2014


This is most likely my last question on this topic:

Again, for version 0.7.9 buildbot, don't know how different or similar 
later versions are,

The Build class docstring is shown below:

class Build:
     """I represent a single build by a single slave. Specialized 
Builders can
     use subclasses of Build to hold status information unique to those 

     I control B{how} the build proceeds. The actual build is broken up 
into a
     series of steps, saved in the .buildSteps[] array as a list of
     L{buildbot.process.step.BuildStep} objects. Each step is a single 
     command, possibly a shell command.

     During the build, I put status information into my C{BuildStatus}

     After the build, I go away.

     I can be used by a factory by setting buildClass on

     @ivar requests: the list of L{BuildRequest}s that triggered me
     @ivar build_status: the L{buildbot.status.builder.BuildStatus} that
                         collects our status

Question is about the doc text above, am I correct in thinking the text 
above, "I can be used by a factory by setting buildClass on 
L{buildbot.process.factory.BuildFactory}", implies that if I set 
buildClass on BuildFactory I can get access to the Build instance at 
build time from a factory, thus getting at these property strings I am 

If so, how does one set buildClass on 


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