[Buildbot-devel] Trac transition complete!

Edmund Wong ewongbb at pw-wspx.org
Mon May 19 05:46:33 UTC 2014

Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
> I'm thrilled to announce that we've upgrade http://trac.buildbot.net
> to Trac-1.0, running on the new Buildbot hardware at OSUOSL.
> Thanks to Amar for his hard work making this happen!
> This should -- oh, please please please -- help with the spam problems
> (both false negative and false positive) that we've been enduring.  At
> the very least, it includes an extension allowing trac admins to
> whitelist anyone known not to be a spammer.  We've pre-seeded that
> whitelist with all ticket reporters, so most frequent users of Trac
> should never be bothered with false negatives again.
> This is the first visible bit of a project to move our existing
> services and add new services to the Buildbot systems.
> Please do share any feedback either here, via private email, or via irc.

Oh yes!  Finally I don't need to see that spammer thing again!



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