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sergio borghese sergio.borghese at gmail.com
Thu May 15 21:23:31 UTC 2014


I'd like to share how I implemented a solution to a problem I had, to get
some feedback and maybe learn some new feature of buildbot.

Create a package of a given software, and upload the package to the
buildmaster into a shared folder.
The package name contains some data that are known to the build system
(i.e. Makefiles) specifically the sw version and the OS. Let's assume the
package name is:

How do I send to the buildslave steps the required to build up the very
same package name, so that the buildslave can upload the package?
Specifically I need to know the version number (but I guess this could be
any param)

Implemented (and working) solution:
The makefile, once the compilation process is completed, writes a file with
the required param.
The slave uses the SetProperty() step to read the content of the file into
a custom named property
Once I have the value of interest in the property (let's say APP_VERSION) I
use it to build the package name with the same pattern used by the build

The describedd solution works, but I do not really like it because:
1) it's complicated, hence, I guess, fragile
2) it is not OS independent (I use echo $VAR > file to write the file, and
cat file to read it and set the buildslave Property)

Is there a better way to solve this issue?

Many Thanks

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