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Steve Bachor steve.bachor at netronome.com
Wed May 14 16:03:49 UTC 2014

Hi Vasily,

Thanks for your answers.  It is useful to know the latest version works 
the same way as far as converting the objects to strings.

I did notice the capability of defining new fields in web form (using 
ForceScheduler stuff) in the new version documentation, it is useful to 
hear confirmation of this. This feature may be the biggest reason we 
move to the latest version if it works well.

I am still wondering if there is a way to get these four string names 
and values entered on the force build form (in 0.7.9) from a log file or 
a data structure before the log files are written.  I see the 
name(username), reason (comments), branch, and revision names and values 
(I entered) in the twistd.log after the build executes.  I want to 
access them in the same place in master.cfg as I said before.

In a simplest case, I'm trying to set the workdir conditionally based on 
a value entered on the force build form.  Here's what I'm trying to do 

my_factory = factory.BuildFactory()
if (len("Revision to build" string value entered on Force Build form) > 0):
       myrevision = ("Revision to build" string value entered on Force 
Build form)
       myrevision = "anotherdefaultstring"

my_factory.addStep(ShellCommand(descriptionDone="Finished Task",
                                         description="Performing Task",

Thanks again,

On 05/14/2014 05:35 AM, Vasily wrote:
> Hi!
> Short answer: you cannot. Neither in 0.7.9 nor in latest version.
> This stuff works a bit another way: master.cfg is executed once when 
> Buildbot starts, and builders are defined once. Then their steps are 
> executed each time something builds, e.g. when you click "Force build" 
> button.
> That is how things work.
> What you really need is WithProperties() usage, and you don't need to 
> use their result directly, ShellCommand will convert those objects to 
> strings itself.
> As for name and reason... I believe they're not readily accessible, 
> but in new version you can define new fields in web form (using 
> ForceScheduler stuff) that are passed as properties, so you can 
> replace those pre-defined fields by your custom ones.
> Thanks,
> Vasily
> 2014-05-13 23:45 GMT+04:00 Steve Bachor <steve.bachor at netronome.com 
> <mailto:steve.bachor at netronome.com>>:
>     Hello,
>     We have been using buildbot version 0.7.9 for quite some time with
>     much
>     success, thank you to the developers and the community.  We are
>     considering moving to latest version.
>     ..but, if somebody can help me getting this to work with the version
>     0.7.9 for now, it would be greatly appreciated. I suspect most of this
>     may be similar to latest version.
>     I am simply trying to access the string values for the "Your name",
>     "Reason for build", "Branch to build", and "Revision to build" fields
>     that I have entered on the Force Build form prior to clicking the
>     "Force
>     Build" button.  I am trying to access these string values from
>     master.cfg in the BUILDERS section prior to calling addStep.  I
>     want to
>     copy these string values to new local variables for additional
>     processing/error checking and then pass the new local variables in
>     addStep.
>     Here's similar to what I want to do:
>     ---------------------------------------------------
>     smoke_factory = factory.BuildFactory()
>     myname = ("Your name" string value from Force Build form)
>     myreason = ("Reason for build" string value from Force Build form)
>     mybranch = ("Branch to build" string value from Force Build form)
>     myrevision = ("Revision to build" string value from Force Build form)
>     // pseudocode for processing the strings held by myname, myreason,
>     mybranch, and myrevision
>     // also access buildnumber here
>     smoke_factory.addStep(ShellCommand(descriptionDone="Finished Task",
>     description="Performing Task",
>     workdir="/mybuilddir",
>                                             timeout=timeout,
>     command=["mypythonscript.py",
>                                                       myname,
>                                                       myreason,
>                                                       mybranch,
>     myrevision]))
>     -------------------------------------------------------------
>     We have been able to use WithProperties("%(branch)s") and
>     WithProperties("%(revision)s") as a parameter to the
>     "mypythonscript.py"
>     but a couple problems with that:
>     1. WithProperties("%(branch)s") and WithProperties("%(revision)s")
>     return an object not a string, I found documentation that said
>     something
>     like "these are converted to a string only when passed to the
>     buildslave".
>     2. name and reason are not available to WithProperties, only
>     branch and
>     revision.
>     I briefly tried getting the above string values from log files without
>     success.
>     Additionally, it would be great to access the buildnumber in the same
>     section of code (see above)
>     Thanks in advance,
>     Steve
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