[Buildbot-devel] using stdout of one step as input to next step?

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Sun May 4 20:18:52 UTC 2014

You'll need to put that output in a property, with
SetPropertyFromCommand.  I'm not sure how best to make it visible in
the waterfall, though.


On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 1:50 AM, Stephen Davis <buildbot at soundgeek.org> wrote:
> I have a build step that generates some stdout and I'd like it to be in the waterfall link AND be fed to the next step as its stdin.
> macFactory.addStep( shell.ShellCommand( description="Perf Tests", descriptionDone="Perf Tests", command="build/Profile/MyApp.app/Contents/MacOS/MyApp -tests all -quitAfterLaunch YES -automated YES" ) )
> macFactory.addStep( shell.ShellCommand( description="Perf DB Update", descriptionDone="Perf DB Update", command=["Scripts/PerfLogDBParser.py", "/Users/buildbot/slave/PerfResults.db", WithProperties( "%(got_revision)s" ) ], initialStdin=<<< output of previous step >>> ) )
> I know there are some limitations on the size of initialStdin but the "perf tests" step really doesn't generate that much data so I think it should be fine.
> Right now, I'm round-tripping through a file which works okay but a straight feed would be nicer in many ways.
> thanks,
> stephen
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