[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot Nine Merged to Master!

Kay Hayen kay.hayen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 13:51:29 UTC 2014

Hello Dustin,

I have a relatively trivial Buildbot setup, or so I think. Practically only
builders with git
checkouts, some with submodules, and schedulers that poll from multiple git
but mostly only calling ShellCommand to some job, and a nightly trigger,
and build
triggers here and there. And low number of slaves, five.

Likely very standard usage of Buildbot, and probably what's working with

I have seen 0.8.9 announced, and 0.9 git master, and I wonder which route
think makes sense for me. I understand that 0.8.9 and 0.9 may share
configuration, right.

So, my thought was to migrate to 0.8.9, then new style steps, and then
maybe be
able to switch back and forth, should nine fail on me. Is that going to
work, or is
that wasteful?

It read as if 0.8.9 was a "last release", does that mean it won't get
fixes, and what
about improved compatibility. As nine evolves, "new style steps" might be
and will only be available with 0.9.

On the other hand, if 0.8.9 is a dead end, and not going to be supported
with my relative relaxed needs (it's only for my free software project),
maybe even
if I don't code for Builldbot, I could be missing out on cool new stuff,
esp. as for
my configuration (generated from Python code), it's probably very easy to
to new stuff.

What I mean to ask, is what do you recommend. Is nine good enough for small
scale uses already, or should I hedge my bets with getting 0.8.9 to run

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