[Buildbot-devel] copying properties from a triggered build to the triggering build

Vasily vasslitvinov at pisem.net
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That seems to be impossible, at least without tinkering with low-level

Could you post what you're trying to achieve? Maybe there's an easier

18.06.2014 6:15 пользователь "AMARASINGHAM, Chandra" <
Chandra.Amarasingham at sdspathology.com.au> написал:

>   Hi All,
> Is there an easy way to copy properties from a triggered build to the
> triggering build?
> The approach I am trying to take at the moment, is to pass a property
> which contains a parent build identifier (I am a little confused as to what
> I should use...bid, brid, bsid.  And the set the property on the parent
> build from the triggered build....I am bit confused as to how to achieve
> this also.
> Regards,
> Chandra
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