[Buildbot-devel] Integration with openSUSE Buildservice

Kay Hayen kay.hayen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 06:35:42 UTC 2014


for releases of anything RPM, I am using the openSUSE buildservice 
(OSB). I have a builder that uploads the current releases to openSUSE, 
and then, I never notice any errors that occur there, nor do I know when 
it's the right time to update the downloads page of Nuitka.

Scheduling that job nightly is kind of sufficient workaround.

But what I would really want, is a buildbot builder, that checks the 
status of OSB builds, and reports it as green or red, as that is what I 
look at. Has anybody done something like this before mayhaps, and how to 
approach it. Surely, a nightly build that checks the page for "failure" 
could be sufficient.


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