[Buildbot-devel] 回复: Could anybody give me a configuration exampleabout LDAP authentication for WebStatus?

你是我的眼 hbingbing at foxmail.com
Thu Jul 17 03:48:22 UTC 2014


If I finish installing the module of python-ldap for python, doesn't it need to config BaseDN and other domain properties?
Is it just OK to have these fields:"userName, userDisplayName, userEmail‍"?

thanks very much!

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This is how we do it:

class BasicHTTPAuthRequest(Request):
    Class allowing us to put some more info into request before it is processed by Buildbot.
     We use activedirectory package to get e-mail and display name and we add our own request
    arguments for ForceScheduler instance to get them from the request.
    def process(self):
         userName, userPass = self.getUser(), self.getPassword()
        if userName:
                userName, userDisplayName, userEmail = getUserInfo(userName, userPass, \
                twistedLog.msg('BasicHTTPAuthRequest: exception: %s' % traceback.format_exc())
                userDisplayName = ''
                 userEmail = current_site.NOTIFY
            # Overriding user_name here would help those sites where nginx accepts logins both
            # with and without domain specified (like in INNL) - previously that broke further
             # P1 builds because IDSID wasn't extracted, now it is properly extracted no matter
            # which form of username was specified by user.
            self.args['user_name'] = [userName]
             self.args['user_email'] = [userEmail]
            self.args['display_name'] = [userDisplayName]
        return Request.process(self)

class BasicHTTPAuthWebStatus(html.WebStatus):
    Subclass for usual Buildbot WebStatus that allows overriding requestFactory at the moment
    of initializing itself. Basic WebStatus sets its requestFactory to twisted Request class.
    def setupSite(self):
        self.site.requestFactory = BasicHTTPAuthRequest
        return html.WebStatus.setupSite(self)

 getUserInfo() is a function implemented via python-ldap which goes to ActiveDirectoy.


2014-07-16 6:11 GMT+04:00 你是我的眼 <hbingbing at foxmail.com>:

I want to config buildbot by ldap authentication, but I can't find anything useful in buildbot manual.
 Could someone give me a configuration ‍example about LDAP authentication for WebStatus?‍

Maybe it can be completed with Apache HTTPD as reverse proxy according to the offical manual, but I don't know to how to config it used by ldap.‍

Thanks a lot!

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