[Buildbot-devel] Future of the eight branch?

Vasily vasslitvinov at pisem.net
Fri Jul 11 10:59:48 UTC 2014

Cannot we make a fork and find a maintainer later?
I mean, "end of the road" is still an option even after having a fork,
isn't it?


2014-07-10 18:07 GMT+04:00 Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin at v.igoro.us>:

> I said when merging nine to master that the future of Buildbot eight
> is up to someone who wants to maintain it.  I saw three options:
>  * 0.8.9 is the end of the road (the default)
>  * continue to make bugfix releases
>  * add features (so, a fork)
> I haven't heard from anyone willing to maintain the branch, so at this
> point we're defaulting to "end of the road".
> However, Alexander Sashnov has just submitted
>   https://github.com/buildbot/buildbot/pull/1176
> which adds a feature to the eight branch.
> This forces the choice.
> So, if you think you *might* want a future 0.8.x release of any sort,
> and are either willing to maintain it, or want it enough that you're
> willing to convince someone else to do so, now's the time to speak up!
> Dustin
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