[Buildbot-devel] Getting changes and git commit comments in properties

Vahid Kowsari vahid at kowsari.com
Thu Jul 10 00:47:49 UTC 2014

I have setup a buildbot configuration where I poll a git repo for changes and start a make after a change.
I would like to get the git commit comments and or who committed the change as Buildbot properties, but I have been unable to find any documentation regarding how to do this.

I currently have a step similar to this which works, but I cannot find what what properties I should use to get the commit comments and the person who changed it.

factory.addStep(ShellCommand(command=[ "curl", "--data", WithProperties("Buildbot Automated Build:\nbuildername:%s\nrepository: %s\nrevision: %s\nbuildnumber %s", "buildername", "repository", "got_revision", "buildnumber"), SLACK_URL]))

This is available in the Buildbot Web UI, but somehow is not available as properties. Any help is much appreciated.


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