[Buildbot-devel] TextParameter | StringDownload

David Froger david.froger at inria.fr
Tue Feb 11 18:04:12 UTC 2014


I'm tring to put the content of a TextParameter to a StringDownload.

The type of the resulting file created on the slave is 'data':

$ file create.txt
created.txt: data

but I would like to get ASCII text:

$ file created.txt
created.txt: ASCII text

Any idea?  My code look like:

    s = StringDownload(
        slavedest = "created.txt")


    force_sched = ForceScheduler(
        properties = [ TextParameter(
            name='the_file', default='', cols=78, row=50)]

By the way, would it be worth to have a new parameter : FileParameter, which
would return something like this? :


David Froger

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