[Buildbot-devel] Accessing build status/properties of Triggerable

Mick Jordan mick.jordan at oracle.com
Fri Feb 7 22:15:16 UTC 2014

On 2/7/14 10:25 AM, Pierre Tardy wrote:
> Hi Mick,
> There is no API at the moment to do what you are saying. I have some 
> internal hacks in order to achieve similar functionality, and I'm 
> willing to contribute a proper solution for buildbot nine.
> The hack involve querying the database, looking for property inherited 
> from the parent build.
> The proper solution is to add a table which add 1-n build 
> relationships. My goal is to have database recording parent/child 
> relations from trigger step, rebuilds, and inheritParameter.
> I have not scheduled yet when I'll be able to work on this, dont wait 
> for me if you want this functionality, this is very complicated to do.
> As this needs db changes, this can only be accepted on the nine branch.
Thanks for the feedback,good to know I hadn't missed it. I have done 
some hacks in my buildstep world today to do something similar that 
seems to be working.


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