[Buildbot-devel] support for addURL for any step, without subclass?

shiny knight theshinyknight at me.com
Wed Feb 5 05:24:24 UTC 2014

After searching for a while, I realized that you cannot add any url to a step, other than the links to logs.

The workaround is to subclass, as described in the documentation.

I am not sure how many could find this useful, but many times; you have something generated by a step (say an executable file or some library?). And would be great to have the capability to add a link in the step, so you can reference a specific application, library, or even diagrams and other files; giving the chance to have a link to the asset

This involve the subclassing of the step class, while would be great to have it there by default. Am I the only one that see this useful? Nobody feels like a step should have links to anything other than the step logs?


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