[Buildbot-devel] Changes to www install

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at buildbot.net
Sat Aug 9 20:49:10 UTC 2014

If you're playing along with the work on master, things have changed
recently, so here's an update.

To run Buildbot, you need to have buildbot-www installed.  The way to
install that as a developer is to run
  pip install -e www
in the source directory.  That will download all of the requirements,
package them all up, and build a development version of the UI for
Buildbot to serve.

Two things are new:
 1. You need to install 'buildbot-pkg' first, which contains a bunch
of common code for installing www plugins like the console view.  This
is easy:
    pip install -e pkg
 2. You need to remove all leftover directories named 'libs' under
www/.  For me that was
    rm -rf www/src/libs/ www/libs/ www/console_view/src/libs/

We're working on a way to make this a LOT simpler
(http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/2847), so you can just use a simple
URL for the latest unreleased version of buildbot-www and buildbot-pkg
(and all other buildbot packages).


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