[Buildbot-devel] Possible SVNPoller bug with multiple SVN codebases (buildbot-0.8.10-pre)

Xavier Francoi xavier.francois3981 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 20:54:02 UTC 2014

Seeking help to debug or identify a possibly known issue involving the
svnpoller and codebases used to monitor external svn repositories.

The issue: svnpoller stops detecting revision changes to one of the SVN
repositories after some time.  Initially the svnpoller functions correctly
(ie detect code checkins so test suites can be triggered) but after a week
or more the svnpoller stops detecting code check-ins to one of the

Is this issue known?  If not, any suggestions how I can begin to debug this
issue?  I couldn't find anything obvious in either twisted.log or the
source (ie svnpoller.py).

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