[Buildbot-devel] Issue with master 0.8.8

Francesco Di Mizio francescodimizio at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 15:40:34 UTC 2014

Give a fresh new installation, as long as there is no buildrequest I can
browse my (initially empty) UI. Everything seems to be working fine.

As soon as there is a build request for a given builder (say my_builder),
no matter where the request is coming from, be it a source poller or just
my code calling addChange, the builder becomes unresponsive. In that
http://my_bbot_url/builders/my_builder throws an exception like the one
that can be found at:


After the first page loading attempt (resulting in the above exception),
the builder page itself just gets unresponsive and stays so even after
restarting Buildbot. Furthermore the build requests don't get picked up by
any slave, they just stay there and show up as pending in the waterfall.
The requests to this page dont even get logged to http.log in bbot
installation folder.

By manually deleting the build request(s) from the DB the builder page
starts working properly again.

Rolling back to 0.8.6 the issue is gone.

Thanks a lot,
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