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Na'Tosha Bard natosha at unity3d.com
Thu Apr 24 09:51:31 UTC 2014

2014-04-24 4:27 GMT+02:00 Mo Jia <life.130815 at gmail.com>:

> Hi :
>     I have a need in mulit builder .
>    There A B C D builders . Which I mean after A then B then C then D .
>    Builders using  trigger 。
>    while assume D is release action . First I use haltOnFailure=True
> to make sure only A success then B ,
>    only B succss then C . As I run buildbot in night .I also want to
> know the most errors in A B C 。
>    So How can I make when A is failed it still can go to run B . But
> only A B C is success D can run ?

I think you could do this by having haltOnFailure=False and
flunkOnFailure=True for A, B, and C, and then passing the value of:

step.build.result == SUCCESS

to 'doStepIf' when you invoke the trigger step for D.

I have two little utility functions available to all my projects that I use
for this:

def BuildFailed(step):
    return step.build.result == FAILURE

def BuildPassed(step):
    return step.build.result == SUCCESS

So then I can just do "doStepIf=BuildPasssed"


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