[Buildbot-devel] console and waterfall views for Nine

András Tóth andras.toth93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 09:21:55 UTC 2014


I have got the opportunity that part of Google Summer of Code I can work on
a chosen idea over the summer as part of the Buildbot community. First of
all I would like to thank Pierre and Dustin for the great help they gave me
even before the applications.
Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is András Tóth, I am a second year
undergraduate at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I am
majoring in Computer Engineering, BSc.
My chosen idea is the following: Build UI dashboards as plugins for the Web
UI. This project includes among others the reimplementation of console and
waterfall views on the client side for Nine.
It is important to me to know your needs! I welcome your ideas and advices!
What are the existing functions that you would like to see to return? What
kind of innovations would you like to see? Which possibilities do you
consider important in terms of customization? Please write me down all your
thoughts in details!

Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

(+András Tóth <https://plus.google.com/112053396212500005417>)
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