[Buildbot-devel] Console view and buildbot try

Mihai Martalogu (mmartalo) mmartalo at cisco.com
Wed Apr 16 14:36:34 UTC 2014


Is there a way of getting the jobs launched by "buildbot try" appear in the console view? By default only changes coming from commits to the VCS appear there.

I believe the Chromium folks are actually performing commits into a temporary repository for try jobs, in order to work around this limitation.

In a previous project, we had some ugly hacks in place to achieve this, basically doing a master.addChange() in Try_Userpass_Perspective.perspective_try(), just before the addSourceStampSet(), and then hacking the logic in web/console.py to fix some issues related to the displaying/ordering of the builds.

However, we're setting out to use buildbot in a new project and we're trying to do things more proper this time.

Any solution/advice is welcome. In case there is no simple solution, is the direction we took in the past reasonable (master.addChange() etc.)? If this is the case, I'll rework our hacks and propose them as a patch.

We're using buildbot.version: 0.8.8-3-g9dabd74

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