[Buildbot-devel] When are sourcestamps valid?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Apr 13 00:02:18 UTC 2014

The manual states "By default, Buildbot is configured to generate
revlinks for a number of open source hosting platforms."

The example config file 'builds' pyflakes and gets its source from one of the
open source hosting platforms which are supported by the default
revlink generator,
yet you can't click on the revision on the Recent Builds page.

Adding a print to RevlinkMatch() shows that repo is empty
when pyflakes revisions are visible on web status pages.
Adding a print to get_rev_list() shows that the sourcestamp is empty.
So, where is get_rev_list() getting the rev it returns?  Not from
the sourcestamp; it comes from build.getAllGotRevisions()[ss_list[0].codebase].
(Which might only be working by accident, unless the sourcestamps magically
get populated with codebase info but nothing else.)

So, um, why does BuildStatus().getAllGotRevisions() know stuff that
BuildStatus().getSourceStamps() doesn't?
Some builds evidently don't have valid source stamps, but they do have

I'm evidently missing the Big Picture here.

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