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Jared Grubb jared.grubb at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 15:27:13 UTC 2014

There is a concept of "locks", which break down into two kinds:
 * "master lock" : this is kind of a global lock
 * "slave lock" : each slave gets its own lock

You can use this to coordinate builds in a global sense ("at most N of these builds can run total") and a per-slave sense ("this slave can only run M things at a time").

I personally use this to make sure one build happens on a slave (no matter which builder), and to make sure that another kind of build only runs on 2/3 of the slaves at a time (in order to make sure some slaves are available for other purpose). The first is a slave lock, the second is a master lock.

Here's the latest docs on it:


On Apr 11, 2014, at 11:25, Nachaat Hassis <nachaat05 at yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> i was trying to execute Bulds sequentially but i didnt find a good hint 
> in the documentation ..
> I have one Master and many slaves with multiple Builds each ..
> My goal is to execute a list of Builds sequentially even if the previous 
> Build has FAILURE as a result.
> When Build1 finishes, Build2 starts. When it finishes, Build3 starts.. 
> etc ..
> The Result of the Build is irrelevant for the execution of the next build ..
> I tried with Dependent but i saw that the next Build is only triggered 
> if the prev Build returns a SUCCESS.
> I would be for any hint very thankful.
> Best regards.
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