[Buildbot-devel] git_buildbot too eager for merges

Patrick Valsecchi pvalsecc at cisco.com
Tue Apr 8 06:58:42 UTC 2014


OK, here is the scenario I'm encountering. The initial situation is:


Everything is already pushed on the central git repository and Buildbot 
already tested every individual steps. I'm happy, everybody is happy.

Then I come and do a merge of the dev branch into master:


The git_buildbot hook, as it is now in the buildbot repository (master 
branch) will trigger builds for the commits E, F and G. IMHO, it should 
not trigger commits for E and F since they are already tested and have 
not been pushed to the server.

Now, imagine there was 30 commits in the dev branch and each build takes 
an hour. See my problem?

In attachment, you'll find a proposed patch for that.

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