[Buildbot-devel] Triggered Builds And Who Caused Them

Jeremy Cornett jeremy.cornett at venafi.com
Tue Nov 26 22:06:17 UTC 2013

I have a setup with a scheduler looking for changes against a Git repository. When a change comes in a single builder (let's call it Fred) is started. As the last step of that builder, I have it trigger a couple other builders (Pebbles and BamBam), and does not wait for them to finish. I have a MailNotifier with an extra recipient that sends emails to a main mailing list, and I have another MailNotifier with SendToInterestedUsers as True so the person who caused the build is notified of a failure.

So all that said, if I make a change that causes the Fred builder to run, and Fred runs successfully, but Pebbles failed and BamBam succeeded, I get an email to the main mailing list that says Pebbles failed, but I do NOT get an email directly to me as the "interested user" to tell me that Pebbles failed.

How do I get a triggered builder to contain the necessary information (blamelist or responsible users???) so a failure of that builder will send an email to the person or persons who caused the original builder to run?

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