[Buildbot-devel] [ANNOUNCE] Buildbot now a member of Software Freedom Conservancy

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Wed Nov 20 16:06:56 UTC 2013

The Buildbot developers are pleased to announce that Buildbot is now a
member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy. Among other
benefits, the Buildbot project can now accept donations and can use
those assets to support and accelerate development of the software. If
you would like to donate, please see the Buildbot home page
(http://buildbot.net) or contact the Botherders
(botherders at darkbeer.org).

Conservancy is a non-profit public charity that provides a range of
financial and administrative services to member projects that develop
Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS). By joining Conservancy,
Buildbot obtains the benefits of a formal non-profit organizational
structure while keeping the project focused on software development
and documentation. Some benefits of joining Conservancy include the
ability to collect donations, hold assets on behalf of the project,
and some protection of the lead developers of the project from
personal liability when engaging in the activities of the project.
Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3)
organization, incorporated in New York State.

Look for more developments in the Buildbot project over the coming
weeks and months!


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