[Buildbot-devel] Build in series, not parallel?

Jeff Rizzo riz at tastylime.net
Mon Nov 18 18:25:37 UTC 2013

On 11/18/13 9:12 AM, Steve Hoelzer wrote:
> Can Buildbot be configured to do builds in series instead of in
> parallel? I have a situation where one repository change schedules
> multiple builds on the same (only) slave. These are independent
> builds, so none of them depend on the completion of another. I would
> like the builds to happen in series instead of all running at once to
> reduce resource usage on the slave.

Having needed to do something similar myself, I discovered the 
"max_builds" parameter to BuildSlave() - I set it to 1, and only one 
build at a time is scheduled.

Like so:

     c['slaves'].append(BuildSlave('slavename', 'slavepw', max_builds=1))


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