[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot, gerrit, and "topic review"

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Nov 15 23:29:06 UTC 2013

I'm evaluating gerrit for our shop.  Last time somebody did this, the result was
"Seems fine if only it could review a whole series of patches at once".
This is called "topic review, see

A prototype implemention has been up and running for ages at kitware,
see http://www.kitware.com/source/home/post/62
and branch topic-views-2.2.2-rc1 of https://github.com/cjh1/gerrit.git
There were a couple efforts to get this merged upstream; most recent discussion
was in the thread "Gerrit Topic Review - Take two?".  But the prototype might
be usable enough for the moment, if you don't mind using gerrit circa 2.2.2.
I'm trying it out now; I can push code into it, and hopefully I'll
figure out how
to get it to let me review a topic soon.

Buildbot has had Gerrit integration for some time.  Has anybody tried using
it with the topic review branch of gerrit?
- Dan

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