[Buildbot-devel] Suggestion for how to organize these builds?

Jeff Rizzo riz at tastylime.net
Sat Nov 9 22:36:51 UTC 2013


I'm coming back to buildbot (0.8.8) after a while away, and am slowly 
working toward what I think will eventually be a fairly complex 
configuration - but I could use some suggestions how to approach.

The project I'm building has a large number (67 at current count) of 
architectures that are built, but they're cross-built, so there can be a 
pool of 5-10 slaves all of the same arch (or mixed, it doesn't really 
matter), and each individual build will take somewhere between 30-60 
minutes.  After each arch is built, I want to collect them all on the 
master (or wherever) so I can run a consolidation job to eliminate some 
of the duplicate-built bits (to avoid storage growing any faster than 

I've been experimenting with a builder-per-arch and also using build 
properties to specify the arch - any suggestions there?  I also need to 
do some gymnastics to create object directories and cross-tools (I'm 
slowly working toward those), and the experimentation to get there is 
pretty slow going.  (Buildbot is extremely flexible, but the 
documentation is not great - lots of "X can be done" with little in the 
way of examples of HOW to do X. :( )  I'd love to see more example 
master.cfg files, but my Googling has turned up mostly variations on the 
included sample - which is great to get started, but not so great for 
demonstrating complex examples.  Any pointers to complex build examples 
gratefully received...


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