[Buildbot-devel] Follow up on autopep8

Vladimir Rutsky rutsky.vladimir at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 20:30:14 UTC 2013

On 05.11.2013 17:19, Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
> It seems like there's an impasse here, and from what I can tell the
> core is around whether to fix everything at once, or one thing at a
> time.
> I think it's awesome that all three of you are working on this, and I
> don't want to get in the way.  But, as a tie-breaker vote, I'm going
> to err on the side of doing as many issues at once as possible.  I'm
> currently the major contributor to the nine branch, as well as to a
> number of topic branches based on nine, so it benefits me to get any
> large-scale merge conflicts over and done with quickly.  If we stretch
> out the remaining disabled warnings into a pull request each, it will
> be a few months at least until we're done, and that sounds like a lot
> of pain.
> I think Pierre's got a nice system put together to handle the merge to
> nine.  So if it's OK with Vladimir, I think Pierre should proceed to
> apply and land his changes, with Vladimir's review.
> Sound good?/

I'm OK with fixing all in one commit.  I explained my opinion and 
understand arguments for doing all fixes in one step.

> Dustin

Vladimir Rutsky

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