[Buildbot-devel] Accessing other Build's properties from a BuildStep

Brian Lalor blalor at bravo5.org
Tue May 28 00:02:47 UTC 2013

On May 27, 2013, at 11:54 AM, Daniel Rus Morales <danirus at eml.cc> wrote:

> I've written a kind of tutorial on how to configure Buildbot to build projects 
> with dependencies on each other. The case I draw builds a Django web app and a 
> Django web project that depends on the app. It uses Triggerable schedulers and 
> Trigger build steps.

This looks like a great tutorial if you know what your dependencies are ahead of time, but for my use case I don't.  I want to be able to dynamically trigger downstream builds when a build is depended upon by another project, and I want to track the dependencies dynamically.  I think I want to have a builder set properties indicating the artifact that it creates and the artifacts it depends on.  I think I know how to go about doing this (the properties are pretty straightforward), but I don't know how to access other builders and their builds from a build step.

Brian Lalor
blalor at bravo5.org

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