[Buildbot-devel] How to set revlinks

Julia S.S. hithwen at gmail.com
Wed May 22 16:26:41 UTC 2013

Hello, I have a problem with revlink
I've tried both with:
from buildbot import revlinks
c['revlink'] = revlinks.RevlinkMatch(
        repo_urls = [r'git at myurl:([^/]*)/([^/]*?)(?:\.git)?$'],
        revlink = r'https://myurl/\\1/\\2/commit/%s'

and with annother approach I got from gist examples:
def revlink(rev, repo):
        repo_regex = 'git at myurl:([^/]*)/([^/]*?)(?:\.git)?$'
        web = 'https://myurl/\\1/\\2/commit/%s'
        m = re.match(repo_regex, repo)
        if m:
          return m.expand(web) % rev

c['status'].append(WebStatus(http_port=8010, authz=authz_cfg,
                             changecommentlink=(r"#(\d+)", \
                                        r"http://myurl:9911/issues/\1", \
                                        r"Ticket \g<0>"),

But I'm not seing rev links to gitlab anywhere while changecommentlink for
redmine seems to be working

running buildbot 0.8.7p1

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