[Buildbot-devel] Tools for GSoC mentors

Flower Platform Team flower_platform_team at flower-platform.com
Wed May 15 19:29:59 UTC 2013

Hello Brad,

1) Right now Flower Dev Center is closed source, and offered for free to 
every open source project (not just related to GSoC).
2) After the 2.0.0 release planned in June/July, we'll begin to open 
it's API and source code, so that everyone can add modules and 

Best regards,

On 15.05.2013 18:07, Brad Hards wrote:
> On 16/05/13 00:28, Flower Platform Team wrote:
>> Flower Dev Center is an online platform for UML modeling diagramming,
>> with a strong focus on code synchronization, integration with dev tools
>> (Git, SVN, etc) and real time collaboration on diagrams (and a little
>> bit on code as well).
> Just to confirm: this is a closed source tool, but you are offering it 
> for "free-as-in-beer" use for students in GSoC?
> Brad

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