[Buildbot-devel] How many project per master?

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inline, prefix with '--'

Thank you

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As a random example, the chromium try server, visible at http://build.chromium.org/p/tryserver.chromium/waterfall, has around 700 slaves connected and it's baring the load with pain. Note that it's running on a fairly powerful machine with 64gb of ram but increasing the number of cpu cores won't help since buildbot is mostly single-threaded.

-- Yea, I'm running on a 16 GB system with SSD drive and 8 threads.

Note that you may hit another issue, the load on the subversion server itself, depending on your use case, e.g. how many gb each checkout represents. You may want to create a read-only svnsync'ed clone if the server is not powerful enough.

-- Yep, already doing this since buildbot reading from the existing server kills it for everyone else.  Normal users can't access the svn server just after a build is kicked off.  The sync clone server is 4x the power of the existing subversion server.

So overall, it should be fine.

We never run multiple buildslave instance on a single VM, we use slave sharing instead; e.g. a single buildslave is connected to multiple builders.

-- Do you have a clear, simple example of how to set this up?  I read a few different posts that mentioned this but, they all felt like they were missing some step.


2013/5/14 Diane Maple <dianemaple76 at yahoo.com>

>How many projects can I have controlled by one master?
>I currently have 5 masters for different projects.
>Each master has between 26 and 48 builds to control.
>I was thinking of merging all of them into one.
>I just want to make sure buildbot will be okay with this.
>My goal is to have my 14 slave systems have 8 builder processes each.
>These 8 builders building any of the projects that need to be built.
>As of now I have configured the buildbot master to have two slaves for each master on each slave node.
>The problem is the slaves are either under used or over used depending on what is happening in subversion.
>Thank you for your comments.
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