[Buildbot-devel] Suggestions to group builders and avoid an overcrowded waterfall page?

shiny knight theshinyknight at me.com
Thu Mar 14 08:24:37 UTC 2013

I have reached the point where I build probably 15 different builders in various factories, and right now I can see probably half of them on a full screen view of the waterfall page.

Mostly they are variation of a single application, which I build in various flavor for different OS and configurations, so I would love to group them together following some logic, so that when anyone look at the page, they have a better overall picture.

Is there any trick that I can use to have them organized in a different way, like in a nested structure? I assume that this can be done modifying the web pages of the buildbot, but I do not have any knowledge of CSS, so I was hoping that there is either a template somewhere, that can be used, or if there is any way to obtain the same via code in the config file.

Sometimes I miss customizations in the buildbot web pages...there are themes for almost anything but the buildbot (I guess nobody really mind about how does it look like, or everyone has an extensive knowledge of CSS and web programming). It just has 1 single theme as default, and would be great if someone would make more themes (or some tutorials that show how to make changes). Not a complain, just a suggestion, because I assume that there are many that does not know web programming.


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