[Buildbot-devel] UnicodeDecodeError in webfrontend

Spielmann, Christoph christoph.spielmann at machineering.de
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Well i was wrong i hadn't solved it back than but i have a workaround now... Actually the problem was not THAT odd, it was a self-made problem: In some of the buildsteps i need to create/access folders which are named like this: 1_Montag, 2_Dienstag... To make life easier for me i used the built-in strftime-function to get the names of the weekday, but as i was lazy i haven't changed the locale globally on the machine instead i set the locale to 'de_DE' before the call to strftime, without resetting it to POSIX afterwardsl  DUH! 

The only thing which still makes me wonder is why it was working before! 

Anyway I wanted to say thank you for your help. I think without your input i would've gone insane with this stuff

Am 11.03.2013 14:09:52, schrieb Dustin J. Mitchell:
> I'm glad you resolved it.  What an odd problem!
> Dustin

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