[Buildbot-devel] Trouble wiring up a web hook change source.

Daniel Rus Morales danirus at eml.cc
Wed Jun 5 12:03:19 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 05 June 2013 06:40:31 Kenneth Baltrinic wrote:

> The solution to my problem was very simple.  My scheduler was configured with
> project='myproject' so on my Git server I had to add ?project=myproject to
> the end of the URL that was used to call the webhook.  Otherwise the event
> created by the webhook had a null project and was thus ignored by the
> scheduler.  

Just a quick comment. If you don't use a web service like GitHub or BitBucket 
you don't need the webhook in the status object. With the following and the 
PBChangeSource object will be enough:

    html.WebStatus(http_port=8010, authz=authz_cfg)

Use the "change_hook_dialects" only to allow buildbot receive notifications 
from third party services through http.

I sound totally nitpicker here, sorry for that ;)


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