[Buildbot-devel] [process/build.py] rfc: add support for oneshot buildslaves

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Wed Jan 9 03:56:06 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 5:54 PM, Dan Kegel <dank at kegel.com> wrote:
> Having a way to tell buildslaves to exit gracefully after
> finishing their first build is handy when using ephemeral lxc slaves;
> it might also be useful in debugging.
> Here's a three-line patch to add that feature.
> (I posted a kludgier one a while ago, but that version
> didn't use graceful shutdown.)
> Does this look like something that belongs in buildbot?

I like the *idea*, but I don't like feeding data from properties into
process code.  Properties should be write-only as far as Buildbot core
is concerned.  (This is notably *not* the case with got_revision right
now, but I have plans to fix that..)

I think it'd be better to specify this as a BuildSlave constructor parameter.


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