[Buildbot-devel] filtering pending build requests further?

Jorge Gonzalez gjorge at google.com
Wed Feb 13 04:43:07 UTC 2013

db.buidrequests.getBuildRequests() seems to be *the* way for getting all
pending build requests. Is there a way to let a master instance further
filter some requests out from such list?

E.g., in our scenario, we have some configuration abstractions on top of
Buildbot that declare which repositories and branches we are want to be
bringing changes in and building at all times. If we suddenly remove say a
certain branch from such declarative configuration (even if temporarily),
it might not make sense for us to even consider build requests for changes
that came in through that branch. So having something like the
nextBuild(builder, requests) extension point but filtering even earlier,
say filterCandidateBuildRequests(builder, requests), might be useful under
this scenario.

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