[Buildbot-devel] Going to PyCon?

Greg Ward greg at gerg.ca
Wed Feb 6 19:27:54 UTC 2013

On 02 February 2013, Dustin J. Mitchell said:
> Who's headed to PyCon this year?

I'll be there!

> As always, Buildbot will be sprinting afterward.  If you're around
> during that time, please do come by to say hi!  I know a number of
> developers are planning to spend at least a day or two hacking away on
> Buildbot.  We'll have lots of projects of various sizes, mostly on
> nine, to hack on.

Will definitely be there for sprint Monday. Maybe Tuesday, depending
on how the hotel room-sharing thing works out. I've been wondering
what I should work on...

BTW regarding the BuildBot clinic: I'll definitely drop in to say hi!
I'm no longer in the job where I used BuildBot heavily, but maybe I'll
setup a personal instance so I can come ask dumb questions. I can also
do first-line support for people who don't understand why

  ["cat", "*.c", ">", "foo.txt"]

isn't working. ;-)

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