[Buildbot-devel] Multi-buildsteps and output environments

Ludovic Chabant ludovic at chabant.com
Wed Apr 24 20:51:02 UTC 2013


I'm evaluating Buildbot (looks pretty good so far!) and I'm wondering if
it's possible to achieve the following:

* Multi-buildsteps: say you can build your code in various configurations
(Debug, Release, Final) and you have a Force scheduler form on the
WebStatus that lets you pick those configurations (using a
ChoiceStringParameter with "multiple" set to "True"). How can it "loop"
over the selected configurations and run as many builders as requested?

* Output environments: we have a batch script that sets up various
environment variables based on other things. How can I run this as a
ShellCommand step and capture the resulting environment so I can pass it to
the next steps? The only thing for which I require this so far is really
running some VisualStudio steps, so I guess I could work around that by NOT
using those steps and instead invoking "devenv" through a ShellCommand and
a wrapper script, or somehow make a sub-class of the VisualStudio step that
accepts running a "setup" script... but it would make things simpler if I
could just use our existing script in a simpler way.

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