[Buildbot-devel] accessing force scheduler values in ShellCommand

Jürgen Schulz-Brüssel juergen.schulz-bruessel at thinkproject.com
Tue Apr 23 08:09:35 UTC 2013


for a buildstep triggered by a force scheduler I would like to access 
the values provided in the form if needed (i.e.: if submitted). My 
buildstep is a subclassed ShellCommand. I would like to iterate over the 
values (provided by the form and submitter) like I would do for example 
for kwargs values:

for key in kwargs:

Or is it just possible to access the values with the Withproperties command?

My idea is to collect all neccessary values in '__init__' and use these 
in 'start'. Is there any reasonable way to do this?

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